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1. MAI '87              rip off                     CD          4

10-96       No Retreat              punk       CD          2

27            Animal Life                            DIGICD 8

A SONIC DETERRENT / MOZ          2 14 99 / Model Input           split single               7"            4

A STORM OF LIGHT & NADJA         Primitive North      gatefold, beautifyl coloured vinyl, etching on side 4, and printed inlay!!             2LP         18

A. LICHT / T. SHIRAISHI   Our Lips Are Sealed                               CD          10

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O.   Does The Cosmic Shepherd..                                CD          17

ACTION BEAT     1977-2007: 30 years of hurt, then us cunts exploded C90    cassette edition, lim. 50 handnr. Copies               Tape        7

ADV / AUDIOPHILE DATENVERARBEITUNG             S/T         lim. 5o     tape         5

AEROPLANE        Aeroplane                               CDr        3

AFFLUX Bouquetot / Paris / Port-Jerome                            CD          9

AGATHOCLES     Gotcha                   7"            3,5

AGATHOCLES     Superiority Overdose                              LP           11

AGATHOCLES / FAT ASS FUCKERS               Split                        7"            3,5

AGATHOCLES / JAN AG AND THE GAJNA  Split                        7"            3,5

AGATHOCLES / MUCUS  Split                        7"            3,5

AGATHOCLES / VOMIT FATT         Split                        10"          7

AGATHOCLES / ジャンAG アンドザガジナ             Split                        7"            3,5

AGE        Blowing Wind        japan rrrock            7"            7

AIDAN BAKER     Oneiromancer                        DIGICD 12

AIDAN BAKER     Pretenting to be fearless                         CDr        10

AIDAN BAKER     Thoughtspan          lim. + num. edition, nearly sold out       CDr        10

AIDAN BAKER & thisquietarmy         a picture of a picture                              CD          11

AIR LIQUIDE       Superfreaky             2nd hand                MaxiCD  0,5

AKITSA / PRURIENT          split                         CD          11

AL DUVALL         Recluses unite…                     DIGICD 9

ALAIN DE FILIPPIS             Petites Musiques De Bruits                     CD          9

ALEC EMPIRE      intelligence and sacrifice        limited edition 2CD               2CD        12

ALIO DIE              The Way Of Fire                    7"            7

ALP         radio encore                           CD          2

ALTERNAHUNK  s/t                           CD          9

AMBELION           Winter Cut            from ukrainian       CDr        4

ÂMES SANGLANTES / SIST EN 343 split                         CDr        7

AMK       Play         one copy left           CD          9

AMON    Aura                        7"            7

AMON    Foundation                            2CD        10

AMON / NEVER KNOWN Live at Molto 08.04.1997                      CDr        8

AMYGDALA         Memento Mori       second hand           CD          6

ANDREA MARUTTI / TOMMASO COSCO     Turra       big cover! 3"CDr     5

ANDREW LILES  In My Father's House Are Many Mansions                           CD          13

ANDREW SZAVA-KOVATS                God's Hell               Limited edition of 300 copies. Multiple lyric inserts.            7"            4

ANDROMELOS (MASO YAMAZAKI, OKANO FUTOSHI, KAWABATA MAKOTO)   tea breaks are under attack from 2300000 light years                MASONNA / SPACE MACHINE and ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE PROJECT               CD          14

ANLA COURTIS  Live In Fukuoka     cool packed in japanese paper - lim. 113                CDr        10

ANOFELE & LOGOPLASM                Gravescapes            """What can be noted about the Anofele one is that his rework is very dry and natural - this could have been the field recording as far as I'm concerned. Logoplasm takes the material much further into the world of digital processing and is perhaps a bit too much lost in the world of reverb: it's certainly scary music.""

Vital Weekly - MiniCD-R 3"" in pro-printed triple folder cardboard minisleeve" 3"CDr     4

ANTIGMA & JAN AG (AGATHOCLES)            Siekiera & Destination Death Split                      CD          7

ANTIHOUSE         S/T                         CD          8

ANTIMATTER      Saviour                    DIGICD 9

ANUS PRESLEY    Music To Listen To When You're Dead                jazkamer related      CD          7

APHRODISIAC     Nonsens Chamber                 CD          9

ARAB ON RADAR               Queen Hygenie II / Rough Day At The Orifice    2nd Hand               CD          5

ARC       Arkhangelsk           Aidan Baker Band  CD          7

ARCANE DEVICE               Devices 1987-2007                 2CD        11

ARMENIA             Jueves People (Reversed)         lim. 113   CDr        7

ARMENIA / THE NAUTILUS DECONSTRUCTION / KUMMIEBAND GLEBSTOFF GROY   3 Way Split                            CDr        7

ARTEFACTUM     Sub Rosa pure alchemistic beauty-drones from Poland         7"            7

ASIANOVA           Magnamnemonicon               coloured vinyl - lim. 5oo         10"          12

ASMODINA          Inferno   death metal             CD          1

ASMUS TIETCHENS           Ptomaine heavy foldout cover housing 3lps!          3LP         27

ASMUS TIETCHENS / KOUHEI MATSUNAGA / Y-TON-G          YAK                        CD          9

ASTAROTH           annus suprimus       death metal             DIGICD 1

ATEMNOT            kz deutschland        pic. disk+ insert      pic7"        2

AUBE     108          lim and handnr. - usind sound of bells  CD          16

AUBE     Ambera Planeta Wawar          from lithuania        DIGICD 13

AUBE     Augustus lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     BD          lim 120    CDr        14

AUBE     Benefit 1997-Asl9705             lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE     Benefit 2002-199501170546  lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE     Blau+Rot lim           7"            6

AUBE     Chain [Re] Action  lim           CD          13

AUBE     Comet     lim 5oo from australia            2CD        15

AUBE     December               lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     Deglaze    handnr. / lim. to 470             LP           16

AUBE     Duplex-Sphere        very nice coloured, and from hong kong again!    CD          10

AUBE     EM          lim 88      3"CDr     11

AUBE     Howling Obsession                CD          10

AUBE     Iulius       lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     Le Syndrom Aquatique                          2CD        13

AUBE     Live Feedbacks 2003              lim 101    CDr        14

AUBE     Live In Besancon 1997          lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE     Live In Michigan 2001           lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE     Live Red 2002+2003              lim 191    CDr        14

AUBE     Materialization        lim 120    2x3"CDr 15

AUBE     Metal on Metal                       2CD        13

AUBE     Metalive 1997+1998               lim           CD          16

AUBE     Millennium Box      num + lim to 1oo copies         12xCD+1CDr        120

AUBE     Monochordattune                  7"            5

AUBE     November               lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     October   lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     Quadrotation          lim           4x7"         22

AUBE     Recontextual Abstraction 1996                             2CD        18

AUBE     Recycled                 tape         4

AUBE     Redintegration       lim 202    CDr        14

AUBE     Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. 1                          CD          16

AUBE     Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. 2                          CD          16

AUBE     reworks NIHM vol. 1                             CD          12

AUBE     Reworks Stefano Gentile                       CD          12

AUBE     Reworks Stefano Gentile II                   CD          12

AUBE     Ricochetentrance   lim           CD          14

AUBE     RM4        lim 945    CD          11

AUBE     Sdl97'      lim 111    CDr        14

AUBE     September               lim 500    CD          12

AUBE     Set On    housed in very heavy stonecover            CD          18

AUBE     Shade-Away Gr Box                lim 4o - special designed         CD          23

AUBE     Solid Pressure                         CD          14

AUBE     Ukiyo & Wired Trap Live 1994+1995   lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE     Wired Trap Live 1994+1995  lim 150    CDr        14

AUBE / DSCHIM K. SANDBLEISTIFT              Split        lim 276    10"          12

AUBE / K2            Noise Tournament Vol. 5                      7"            7

AUBE / SMELL & QUIM    Split                        tape         12

AUBE + M.B.         Junkyo    lim           CD          16

AUBE + M.B.         Mectpyo Saisei        lim           CD          16

AUDIBLE PAIN    Mehrzeitiger Hirnstamminfarkt             lim 300    LP           9

AUDIBLE PAIN    Phase 4    sehr schoen verpackte cdr lim o23/1o5 CDr        8

AUDIBLE PAIN    Tv Interference                      CDr        8

AUTOQUARTETT               Der Jubilar                              CDr        5

AZOIKUM             S/T         73:37 minuten lang                CDr        7

AZOIKUM             Soziopathenparadies               DVD-box CDr        7

BAD ALCHEMY   Nr. 50     86 seiten mit besprechungen/berichten..             buch        4

BAD SECTOR       Ampos     1 copy left               DIGICD 11

BAND OF PAIN    ¿Que Amiga?                           DIGICD 11

BARDOSENETICCUBE      Bad Heaven            Comes in full-coloured envelope with the image of the icon found in old Ural village, burnt inserts. Lim. 1/222!     CDr        10

BARDOSENETICCUBE      Blood Of Green Colour         Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies in a fold-over sleeve. CDr        10

BARDOSENETICCUBE      Deadhead                               DIGICD 10

BARDOSENETICCUBE      Naegleria Fowlery   lim. + num. 300 copies           CD          10

BARDOSENETICCUBE      XXX        lim. and handnr. to 5o9 copies              CD          10

BATCHAS             Explorations 85-95                 CD          9

BATILLUS / HALLOWED BUTCHERY           split         This split is one of the best albums that I’ve heard in a while, and I’ve heard many, and missed some as well. Essential for fans of: Minsk, Isis, Mouth of the Architect, Neurosis, Wolves in the Throne Room, Evoken, Esoteric, Hellas Mounds, Rosetta. A colossal and sophisticated dark and psychedelic/black/doom influenced masterpiece…yes, it’s a masterpiece   LP           11

BEEQUEEN           * Vault E.P.             1 copy left               7"            5

BELLMER DOLLS                The Big Cats will throw themselfes over                               LP           9

BESTIA CENTAURI             The Antediluvian Earth         ltd. to 150 numbered copies in A5 pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve with insert         CDr                8

BEYOND DAWN  Revelry                    DIGICD 9

BIG CITY ORCHESTRA      Moisture  lim 150    CDr        9

BIG CITY ORKESTRE         Drone Gnomes       lim 500 col vinyl     10"          12

BIG PINE               Psychedelic Photoshop           sealed      CD          9

BIRDS OF PASSAGE            Highwaymen in Midnight Masks           Including a Aidan Baker/Nadja collaboration - "A minimalistic cinematic experimental dark pop trip" (label info) - lim col. Vinyl              10"          13

BIRDS OF PASSAGE            Winter Lady           "A minimalistic cinnematic experimental dark pop trip" for fans of Sigur Ros, Portishead, Jonsi (Labelinfo)                LP           14

BJ NILSEN & STILLUPPSTEYPA        Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna                      CD          14

BJ NILSEN & STILLUPPSTEYPA        Passing Out                            CD          14

BJ NILSEN & STILLUPPSTEYPA        Vikinga Brennivin                  CD          14

BLACK FREIGHTER           graves and monuments           black freighter's sound is dirty ; downtuned guitars , lots of feedback ; brutal and aggressive vocals ; you can hear influences from eye hate god to godflesh to coalesce and his hero is gone ; a perfect mix of sludge / industrial / hardcore           LP                11

BLACK NIVEA     miserable!                2nd Hand               LP           4

BLAZEN, SHARP & GERBER             Sloth                       7"            4

BLOWHOLE         Reassembled           Free-noise (jazz?) assaults,  impro-visations, objects beaten and scraped, but also a violin. All you can imagine and nothing you may imagine. A manifesto of musical freedom. lim 100   CDr        8

BLOWHOLE         Sloat                       7"            3

BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA  Bled Out heavy noise compositions       CD          7

BOLESKINE          The Lady Of Shalott                              CDr        8

BONEHOUSE       Summetry Of Decadence       hardcore  CD          2

BORIS / SUNN O)))              Altar                       3xLP        39

BOTTLES               Mainstream für den Untergrund           ska punk limited handnummered multicoloured vinyl          LP           6

BRIAN ENO          Thurstday Afternoon                             CD          5

BRIAN LADD       The Unsubmitted Themes For Hellraiser                              CD          8

BRUME / VRISCHIKA        s/t                           CD          9

BRUME RETINA / HIRO    split         "brand new split from these french screamo bands. hiro is members of gantz. they play long, epic songs, with lots of post-rock and bits of stoner influence in them. this is their first output. brume retina plays frenetic, fast screaming music, with odd song structures, and beautiful guitar melodies. they have ex-members of gameness."            10"          5

BRUTUM FULMEN             Spork                      CDr        5

BUSRATCH          時計日記 [Tokei Nikki]                         LP           9

BUTTHOLE SURFERS         Psychic, Powerless ... Another Man's Sac                              CD          7

C.C.C.C.               chaos is the cosmos                                CD          11

C.C.C.C.               Life At Broken Live                               CDr        10

C.C.C.C.               Live In Pittsburg                     LP           16

CARSTEN VOLLMER         Arbeit Nummer 7                   7"            4

CELLULOID MATA            La Connectique                     LP           10

CHARLES MANSON           The Summer Of Hate - The `67 Sessions              strange psychedelic folk music               CD          10

CHEFKIRK            Museum Of Food Waste        field recordings & noise         CDr        8

CHEVREUIL         Chateauvallon        math rock, recorded by steve albini       CD          7

CHOP SHOP         Plays Emil Beaulieau               mit preisetikett       CD          6

CHORONZON      Magog Agog            death metal             CD          1

CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN Y MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT       Lamentamos Informar Al Universo       lim 27 (2nd edition)               CDr        8

CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN Y MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT       Lamentamos Informar Al Universo       lim 28 (1st edition) CDr        8

CHRISTIAN RENOU           Fragments & Articulations     former BRUME      CD          9

CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME) / ANEMONE TUBE / TRANSFERENCE   Split        lim 390/500           CD          10

CIRCLE forest       one copy left           CD          14

CIRCLE panic       one copy left           CD          14

CIRCLE Triumph  gatefold   2LP         16

CISFINITUM         VS           very special packaging!            7"            7

CLOAMA              S/T         from finland           LP           13

CO.CASPAR         Labcopilation 2      1 copy left               CD          11

COCK E.S.P. / DOGLIVEROLL         Split        lim 500    7"            4

COLIN POTTER & PAUL BRADLEY                Behind your very eyes             nww colin potter….                CD          12

COLUMN ONE    La Source de la Citation n'est pas connue            Great solo-album by Berlin's finest experimental band. Edition of just 350 copies.                 LP           13

COMRAD              Feel Like a Bomb                    7"            1

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS            Teenage Nuremburg                               CD          13

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM   The Flow Of Sound Without Parameter                               CD          10

COPROPHAGICS / VOL4  Split        noisecore from california       7"            3

CORPOPARASSITA             Corpo Sbagliato - Era Sbagliata              lim 200    CDr        8

COSTES Bible And Machine Gun                       CDr        11

CRANK STUGEON / TOTE STADT  Split        handnr. lim to 27   tape         6

CRANK STURGEON           Breakfast With       one copy left           CD          11

CRANK STURGEON           S/T                         LP           12

CRANK STURGEON & RICHARD RAMIREZ                The Hole Is The Whole Collaboration                 CDr        10

CRANK STURGEON / DISCOTHEQUE GRÖNLAND  Split Your Ears        lim 32      CDr        9

CRAWL UNIT      Stop Listening                        CD          10

CRAWLING WITH TARTS                Ludiques Manifestes               Improvisation sketches on percussive patterns, self-constructed instruments, and even a punky, fast and furious song. lim 100.   CDr        8

CRÍA CUERVOS  Vor Feuerschlünden                              CDr        8

CRISPY NUTS       i love Crispy Nuts   japanese female punk             LP           11

CTACIK Ego Generocity       lim 60      CDr        8

CULTURCIDE     S/T         lim 200    7"+mag.   7

CURRENT VALUE              Frequency Hunt     elektro     CD          2

DAB . AY . AH       Find The Canyon                  7"            4

DANIEL MENCHE              Crawling towards the sun                      MCD      8

DANIEL MENCHE              Kanticle  lim 500    3"CD      8

DANIEL MENCHE              Radiant Blood        brown-black vinyl. ed. of 500 10"          12

DANIEL MENCHE              Scather                   3"CDr     5

DANIEL MENCHE              Vulgar Scratch        special nice paper!   7"            5

DARREN BROWN               El Asiento                              7"            4

DAS RÜCKGRAT DER NACHT        Synthetische Dunkelheit       lim 150    CDr        8

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE           S/T                         CD          11

DAVE PHILLIPS   |||||                     CD          9

DAVE PHILLIPS   Tapes                      CDr        11

DAVID KRISTIAN / SIAN (AUBE Project)        Split        lim 500    CD          14

DE FABRIEK         Quatro-Erogenic-Occupy Theme's Part II                              CDr        8

DEADWOOD       8 19                        CD          11

DEATH  Individual Thought Patterns                  LP           10

DEEP / CINISE     Split                        7"            3

DEKADENZ          endlösung…?           punk. blue vinyl      7"            1

DELPHIUM           How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away?                            CD          10

DELPHIUM           Self Vs. Self                            10"          7

DELPHIUM           Snowhill-X Ep                        7"            7

DEMENTIA SIMPLEX          Prediction               ebm, elektro            CD          2

DEPECHE MODE Speak & Spell         2nd Hand               CD          1

DER KOPFLOSE BÖRSENMAKLER  Straight Outta Legoland        elektro punk           CDr        5

DER RAKETENHUND        raus aus der gartenstadt                          LP           7

DER RAKETENHUND        walking on zahnfleisch                          LP           7

DETONATOR       Lifetime Guarantee                                7"            3

DIE STRAFE          Jeanny                    7"            4

DIMINISHED        "Ich hatte…"                           7"            2

DISMAL EUPHONY             All Little Devils                      picLP       9

DISPUT  Hemmungslos         punk       7"            1

DISSECTING TABLE           Non-Euclidean Geometry       lim 50!     CDr        11

DISSECTING TABLE           Tranquilizer            lim 50!     CDr        11

DISSECTING TABLE           Zettaizetsumei         lim. 75 numbered copies in art leather bag            CDr        15

DO OR DIE           Shake the stars       2nd Hand               CD          1

DOC WÖR MIRRAN           Acoustic Penis Convention   mit preisetikett       7"            3

DOC WÖR MIRRAN           Deadthings In Love                               7"            4

DOC WÖR MIRRAN           Un(Butt)Plugged     1 copy left               7"            4

DOGS ON ICE      Salt Wound                            CD          2

DRONAEMENT    Fuer Mur                 3"CDr     5

DROR FEILER      Solo         very nice black        CDr        11

DsorDNE               Grafio ricerca 002                  CDr        8

DUAL     Klanik                     7"            7

DUB MURASHITA + AKIFUMI NAKAJIMA (AUBE)       Sound On Sound   lim 222.! handnr.!  LP           19

DUC       Durch Die Nacht                   CD          9

DUC       ernie                       7"            3

DUC       Lärm heißt Leben  Superveroeffentlichung!!        Tape        3

DUC       schade                     7"            3

DUE PROCESS     Fin De La Voix       one copy left           CD          9

EA80       Alle Ziele                 CD          11

EA80       Reise                       LP           11

EA80       Schweinegott                         CD          11

EARZUMBA          Bestia Infernal                        CD          7

EARZUMBA          Florence Escondido/Hermoso Movimiento                          CD          9

EARZUMBA          Playback Emotivo                   3"CDr     4

EARZUMBA          Simulando Un Refugio                          CD          8

ECCLESIASTICAL SCAFFOLDING  Lucid Dreaming                     7"            7

ECONORE MAGAZINE      The first issue         Interviews with Carsten Vollmer and The Duke of Zuke / Poem by Milan Sandbleistift / Drawings by Foen and Nora Sandbleistift / Interview with and collage by Mattias Frisk / Short story by Jeremy Groves              buch+3"CDr           5

ECONORE MAGAZINE      The first issue         Interviews with Carsten Vollmer and The Duke of Zuke / Poem by Milan Sandbleistift / Drawings by Foen and Nora Sandbleistift / Interview with and collage by Mattias Frisk / Short story by Jeremy Groves              buch        2

ELISION / IVAN DRAGO   Split                        CD          8

ELLENDE              Heroin    lim. 50     3"CDr     5

ELLENDE              Mathematica           lim 200    CDr        8

EMIL BEAULIEAU               Dedicated To Masami Akita   mit preisetikett       CD          6

ERIC BOROS / DAVE PHILLIPS       21213      lim 70      CDr        10

ERTHAD               Gma        lim 250    CDr        7

ESTONIA FANTASIES         Identity                   CD          2

EURYTHM!CS      1984        2nd Hand               LP           2

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH             Worn to a Shadow                 DIGICD 10

EXPLODED STAR SAD SERVANT    Total                       CD          7

EXTREME MUSIC TERROR              Damage 381            grind noise              CD          3

EYELESS IN GAZA               Summer Salt & Subway Sun  Finally a new album by the legendary british band with singer MARTYN BATES. 11 songs between poetic beauty and a kind of electronic /experimental "wyrd folk"         CD          11

FAB.44    Majik On The Moonlight      one copy left           CD          9

FEAR FALLS BURNING & BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL s/t                           DIGICD 13

FHIEVEL               preghiera per una stella          lim 3"cdr 3"CDr     4

FIRST LAW           Violent Sedated      2 copies left            CD          12

FLIEHENDE STÜRME         Himmel Steht Still                 CD          9

FLIEHENDE STÜRME         Kaleidoskop                            7"            6

FLUCHTWEG      Commerzpunk        punk + saxophon    LP           6

FLUTWACHT       Unbekannte Tonbandaufnahmen        lim 60      CDr        8

FRANCISCO LOPEZ            Live In San Francisco                            CD          13

FRANCISCO LOPEZ            Untitled #104         his harshest release!                CD          12

FRANCISCO LOPEZ            Untitled (1999)                      CD          11

FRANK ROTHKAMM          Moers Works                          CD          9

FREIBAND            298          Lim ed. 150 hand-num copies with inlays             CDr        8

FREIBAND            Replicas                  CD          9

FREIE HAND        Freie Hand              lim 100    CDr        9

FREQUENCY IN CYCLES PER SECOND & MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B. Der Abgrund                          CD          12

FUTURE UNDER CRYING KIDS      Leben ohne Freude                                7"            1

GABARDINE        slow motion rocket                DIGICD 8

GELSOMINA        S/T         num. + lim 1oo       CDr        7

GEN KEN MONTGOMERY                Drilling Holes in the Wall                     CD          9

GENBAKU ONANIES          Forward Command Post                        7"            7

GENETIC TRANSMISSION                24 Minutes             Limited edition of 121 numbered copies.              3"CDr     4

GENETIC TRANSMISSION                H.H.H.H.               in special package   3"CDr     8

GERALD WREDE                Hess                        CDr        5

GEROGERIGEGEGE           Showa                     CDr        11

GI GASPARIN       24 soli     Just a guitar, a keyboard, and a misterious “horizontal rantola” as instruments, but lots of ideas and influences. lim 100                CDr        8

GI GASPARIN & FELICE PESAVENTO            Caja Antelice          A work based on sampling, tapes, and records with some guitar and keyboard additions. It may sound like dark ambient at first, but it suddenly turns into looped rhythms then suddenly it turns into more structured compositions then suddenly.....lim 100                CDr        8

GI GASPARIN & JACOPO ANDREINI             Il giro del mondo in 80 pezzi  That is, “Around the World in 80 Tracks”. Here they join forces and travel around every musical genre and style you can mention. This is the world music you’ll never find in a world music shop. lim 100   CDr        8

GIGI D'AGOSTINO             La Passion               techno    MaxiCD  0

GIRNU GIESMES Bevardes Salos                        CD          11

GIRNU GIESMES Rupus Miltai                           CD          9

GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION / DECAER PINGA          Tubular Bells           A no-instruments interpretation of Mike Oldfield’s epic instrumental performed using prerecorded tapes, field recordings, electronic devices and effects, out-of-context musical passages, and anything else that did not require a musical instrument to be played. Released on vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies. Front cover is paste-on with paper clip rubber cemented to it; back cover has Post-It note affixed with info rubber stamped.         LP           10

GLASSES               glasses      it's 21 minutes of pure aggression on a one sided 12" with an etched b-side, coming in a very nice foldout - diecut cover LP                11

GOATVARGR       Goatvargr                               DIGICD 11

GODS AND QUEENS          Gods and Queens   Gods and Queens plays an abnormally dark blend of indie/shoegazer/whatever-people-want-to-call-it.                LP+CD   13

GOOD LOOKING COMMUNISTS    S/T         tochnit aleph punk series volume three LP           15

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Alphaville               lim 500    LP           15

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Artificial Pomegranate                           CDr        10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Chronic Deja Vu                   10"          11

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Glacial Specimens   handnr. + lim 15o  CDr        12

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Kurtz-Pharaoh' Serpent                          CDr        10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Snappish Saurel                      CDr        10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Sporadic Spectra                     CD          13

GOVERNMENT ALPHA      Strange Days                          CDr        10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / AZOIKUM               Das Methadonprogramm       lim. 444   CD          9

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / 光の丘 (licht-ung)    Split        in jewelcase             CD          9

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / 光の丘 (licht-ung)    Split        in 7" cover              CD          10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA / 光の丘 (licht-ung)    Split        lim 3oo - 11 euro - limited edition in frame 13 euro              CD          11

GREEN ARMY FRACTION Spear Of Tradition lim 100 boxset        CDr        8

GROYXO - 國辱    National Disgrace   lim 113    CDr        8

GRUNDIK + SLAVA            Frogs                       CD          15

GUILTY CONNECTOR      Cosmic Trigger/2am Visit                      CD          13

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN       Big Time Crash Bang 2008                    LP           9

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN       Polyheiluttaa           former THE HATERS            7"            4

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN & MANON ANNE GILLIS         Encored Dust                         7"            5

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN / RUBBER-O-CEMENT              Two Sides Of California        handmade and written RRR cover        lp             12

h.h.t.p. & portablepalace       cavitacion                               CD          11

HAARE  Aquarian darkness                  7"            6

HAFLER TRIO      An Utterance Of The Supreme Ventriloquist       lim; very nice          DIGICD 16

HAFLER TRIO      How To Reform Mankind     lim incl special booklet, cards and inserts              DIGICD 16

HAIR POLICE       Hair Police                              CD          9

HAL MC GEE       B12         de-constructed space noise     tape         2

HAL MC GEE & FRIENDS Miami Noise                           tape         2

HALLOWED BUTCHERY  funeral rites for the living      HALLOWED BUTCHERY is the alter-ego of Ryan Scott Fairfield from Kennebec County, Maine/USA, and his one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares. Lyrically, he deals with environmentalism, spirituality, religion and individuality vs. society. Altogether this results in a great album taking the listener on a trip into unknown depths of the self.      LP           11

HALLOWED BUTCHERY  funeral rites for the living      HALLOWED BUTCHERY is the alter-ego of Ryan Scott Fairfield from Kennebec County, Maine/USA, and his one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares. Lyrically, he deals with environmentalism, spirituality, religion and individuality vs. society. Altogether this results in a great album taking the listener on a trip into unknown depths of the self.      DIGICD 8

HANATARASH     3                             CDr        9

HATED PRINCIPLES           Rejected Extermi-Nation        raw noizy thrash from los angeles          7"            3

HATERS Ordinarily Nowhere                               CD          12

HEADBUTT          Fuelled Up And Ready To Burn                            7"            4

HEADBUTT          Randy     white vinyl              7"            3,5

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS     Paraselene               180gr vinyl "excellent japanese screamo, for fans of ENVY" (label info)              2LP         18

HECATE VS. LUSTMORD  Law Of The Battle Of Conquest                           LP           10

HELICE PIED       Conduit No. 2                       7"            7

HELIOS CREED'S                Dark Matter II                        CD          6

HER NAME IS CALLA        The Heritage           lim col vinyl - " they craft songs and music that have a heart. That heart may not always be the one people are used to, not the bright red shining symbol of love and hope, but a heart somehow more personal. For fans of Godspeed You Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion etc" (labelinfo)                LP           13

HERBST 9              Buried Under Time And Sand               one copy left           CD          13

HHTP     Cavitation                              CD          10

HIJYOKAIDAN / BUSRATCH           Split Series #01                       CD          16

HINYOUKI / D-503              Snow White                           CDr        8

HOROLOGIUM    Le Cartoline Perse  lim. + num. 300 copies           CD          10

HOWARD STELZER & JASON TALBOT          Songs                      CD          8

HUM      Ether Rider                            7"            7

HUM      The Spectral Ship   most sensible & emotional drone-ambience from Russia, artwork by Danile Crokaert.Silver vinyl    10"          12

HUMAN GREED  Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star                             CD          10

HUMID  S/T                         7"            3

HYPNOZ                Breath of Earth      lim 500, recorded by Dmitry together with Evgeny Voronovsky (Cisfinitum) during their joint night psychedelic sessions. tranquil electronic ambient with a remarkable experimental touch       CD          9

I BURN  Infraharmonies, scald cavities                                CD          12

IF, BWANA           Radio Slaves                           CD          9

IL PRATO DEI DESIDERI   Mr. Bizzarre / Una Notte Nel Prato       lim. + num. 100 copies           2CDr      14

ILLUSION OF SAFETY / LIFE GARDEN / VOICE OF EYE           The Nature of Sand                               CD          10

IN MEDITARIUM Mare Internum                       7"            7

INADE   The Crackling Of The Anonymous                      2LP         16

INADE   The Crackling Of The Anonymous       2 copies left            DIGICD 12

INCAPACITANTS                73            new alchemy release!              CD          16

INCAPACITANTS / TWO ASSISTANT DEPUTY MINISTERS      Split                        CD          13

INDRE STILHED  The Silent Side Of Xotox       lim 200    CDr        8

INDUSTRIEPALAST            The Damn Jazz Thang            lim 30      CDr        6

INFANT CYCLE   Secret Hidden Message                          7"            7

INVISIBLE STRUCTURE    Preview/Not           slim soft case package             CD          14

IONOSPHERE / LAND:FIRE              Of Mind And Of Abyss          1 copy left               LP           13

IRR. APP. (EXT.)    Kreiselwelle                            CD          14

IRR. APP. (EXT.)    Ozeanische Gefühle                               CD          13

IRRITATE              Driven     stoner grind from finland      7"            3

ISHIDA NAOKI    Carmmit lim. 300   CD          10

ISIS         in the absence of truth          edition of 500 copies              2LP         17

ISTARI LASTERFAHRER    Dubcore Vol.4                        7"            4,5

IZANAMI'S LABOUR PAINS / MUNDKRACH                Split                        CDr        9

J.O. MALLANDER               Extended Play         very nice historical record      CD          14

JALE       Dreamcake              alternative               CD          2

JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY SHOW          S/T                         CD          9

JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY SHOW          S/T         different edition     CD          12

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE / DAS KRILL            Split                        7"            3

JASON CRUMER Hum of an imagined Enviroment                          CD          10

JASON CRUMER Ottoman Black                       CD          13

JAZKAMER / SMEGMA       Endless Coast                         DIGICD 8

JAZZKAMMER      Hot Action Sexy Karaoke                      CD          11

JAZZKAMMER      New Water                             3"CD      7

JEAN LUC GUIONNET & ERIC CORDIER    Synapses                 DIGICD 12

JEPH JERMAN      NAAU/Trunk Space              If his name tells nothing to you, Jeph was/is in Hands To, City of Worms, Blowhole,  Animist Orchestra and in many collaborative projects during the last twentyfive years. lim 100       CDr        8

JESSICA RYLAN   New Secret             very nice picture lp picLP       13

JIM HAYNES         Telegraphy by the Sea                            CD          14

JIM O'ROURKE    Rules of reduction                  3"DIGICD             7

JIM O'ROURKE    Scend      lim. and cut-out cover! beautyfull           LP           16

JIM O'ROURKE    Two organs             lim. and cut-out cover! beautyfull           LP           16

JINNY     it's all in the mind                  CD          2

JOE COLLEY        Desperate Attempts At Beauty                              CD          11

JOHN DUNCAN & CM VON HAUSSWOLFF Our Telluric Conversation                     CD          14

JOHN HUDAK      Miss Dove, Mr. Dove              CD-R ltd. to 100 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve       CDr        7

JOHN WATERMAN             Calcutta Cas Chamber          lim. 444 copies picture lp!      picLP       16

JOHN WATERMANN          Babel #1                  CD          6

JOHN WIGGINS  Anagenic/Particle Music (1984/85)                      LP           12

JOHN WOLFINGTON         s/t                           CD          8

K.K.NULL / CINISE            Split        lim 3oo & handnumered       7"            7

K2 & MR. NATURAL          Assorted Scrapes                     7"            5

K2 & THE HATERS             Split                        7"            6

K2 / JALOPAZ       Split        red vinyl  7"            5

KADEF   Kork Single             Anti Single, lim to 29 handnr. Copies  7"            8

KADEF (WITH K2 AND RAMIREZ)   S/T         lim 250    7"            8

KADEF / NAPALMED         Split        lim. and numbered 11 copies - wooden skulpture! 7"            14

KADEF / WEIBEL & BARTHEL        split         Limited to 30 handnumbered copies.    tape         3

KALLABRIS          81°N.B. 178°Ö.L.   lim           7"            7

KALLABRIS          Music for very simple objects  "one of the most mysterious & thought-provoking German experimental projects with a bizarre formation of sequential sounds derived from field recordings; "substantia innominata et principium innominatum" (Kallabris). Edition of 500 copies, great full colour artwork by Mal Hoeschen (Multer, Genesungswerk), transparent flour green vinyl!" (Labelinfo)       10"          12

KAPOTTE MUZIEK              EGG       EGG is Electrocute, Gematria, and Gilles de Rais, three works released on cassette in 1984 and 1985, representing the early KM way to sound manipulations. lim 100              CDr        8

KAPOTTE MUZIEK              Enhanced Room Acoustics    From the analogic sound modifications of last century's industrial age to the micro and nearly audible variations of the new digital era. lim 100  CDr        8

KAPOTTE MUZIEK              Threadment                           7"            4

KAPOTTE MUZIEK - RICHARD RAMIREZ      Muziek - Mix - Memory / The Lonely Kind           Digi CDr, limited to 121 copies in real printed DigiPac's                DIGICDr               8

KAPOTTE MUZIEK / LICHT-UNG    Split        lim 276    10"          12

KARL BÖSMANN Das Kind In Der Küche         lim 150    CDr        8

KARLHEINZ         Fucking                   picLP       15

KASSETTENFACHENTSTAUBER     Nachtaufnahmen   auf 300 limitiert, mit kassette!               7"+k7      7

KAZUMOTO ENDO AND BLAZEN Y SHARP  Ask For It By Name                               7"            5

KEIJI HAINO with BORIS   black: implication flooding                    CD          14

KEITZER                ...To Destroy The Planet Earth              knueppelband. schwarz oder farbig; 6 oder 9 euro                LP           9

KENNETH ATCHLEY         Fountains                               CD          10

KILLER BUG [KAZUMOTO ENDO]  Cunt Explosion      clear vinyl               7"            6

KILLER BUG [KAZUMOTO ENDO]  Your Wife Is Mine  clear vinyl               7"            6

KILLERLADY       Minneapolis                           7"            7

KINETIX GESTALTSYSTEM 01          Possible Forms                        2CD        14

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI           Bird Songs                              CD          10

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI           Millstone                CD          11

KK NULL              Galactic Tornado    ukrainian release!    DIGICD 12

KK NULL / DAVID BROWN             S/T                         CD          11

KLABAUTAMANN              gott schenkt gift     black metal             CDr        1

KLANG ABSTRAKT             Midnite Dawn                        MaxiCDr 0,5

KLANGPHOBIE    Klang.De/Sasta                      CDr        1

KLOTZS In Gold                   7"            4

KODIAK / NADJA               split         Heavyweight glossy gatefold covers. 180 pieces on 180g brown vinyl with black splatter    LP           14

KOICHI WATANABE          Sine00-∞Noise2000                               CD          11

KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH        Häßlich & Neu                      LP           12

KRYPT AXERIPPER             Mechanical Witch  one copy left           CDEP     7

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK + HLADNA           Rokton + Formanta               ltd. 250, Abstract electronics, minimalism and a little noise from russia                3"CDr     6

KUWAYAMA / KIJIMA       S/T         kuwayama (cello) and kijima (violin       CD          16

L/A/B    Psychoacoustics                      CD          9

LAIBACH              Neu Konservatiw                    CD          11

LAND:FIRE           Gone                      LP           13

LANGSAMES STEUER        Langsames Steuer                   CDr        4

LASSE MARHAUG              it's not the end of the world                  DIGICD 10

LASSE MARHAUG              Problems Solved      lim 113    CDr        8

LAWN    backspace                               CD          8

LE SON DU MOIS                S/T         handnr. 247/25o   LP           8

Leif Elggren / Thomas Liljenberg          The Goldfish Suit                  CD          9

LES CLOCHARDS DU MONDE        enkhjargal jága        "LCDM spielen teils schnellen, teils gesetzten Postpunk mit charismatischem Gesang und intelligenten deutschen Texten. Die Songs sind komplex, melancholisch, detailverliebt und bedienen selten konventionelle (Strophe-Refrain) Liedstrukturen. Wunderschöne ausgefeilte Instrumentalphasen und Einsatz von unverzerrten Gitarrenparts sowie Klarinette kommen auch nicht zu kurz. Die 10" kommt in aufwendigem Cover mit bedruckter Innentasche und ist auf 300 Stück limitiert." (labelinfo)            10"          8

LES CLOCHARDS DU MONDE        Les Clochards du Monde       "Es gibt unkonventionelle Songstrukturen, wunderschöne Basslinien und detailverliebte Arrangements, die sehr eigenständig und gut sind. Es ist viel mehr Klarinette zu hören als noch auf dem Debut und neben deutschen Texten wird hier auch mal englisch oder französisch gesungen. Dazu gibt es noch ein wunderschönes Cover, was man sich locker als Bild aufhängen kann." Labelinfo        LP                9,5

LHD       Hands Of The Priestess                          7"            3

LICHT-UNG          5"(+3"Cdr+7"Schlager)           lim 489    5"+3"cdr  4

LICHT-UNG          Blau                        CDr        4

LICHT-UNG          Die Weiße              lim 110    10"          11

LICHT-UNG          Eigentlich Mehr Anders         .mpg-filmchen         CDr        4

LICHT-UNG          felder - Schallplatte mit Cassettenrecorderaufnahmen         lim 110    LP           7

LICHT-UNG          Klaviermusik (Split) lim 110    7"            5

LICHT-UNG          Nora        lim 220    7"            3

LICHT-UNG          Zeitschriffffffft - 2 (Gebunden)              lim 26      buch        3

LICHT-UNG          Zeitschrifffffft - 1 (Gebunden)               lim 26      buch        3

LICHT-UNG          Zeitschrifffft - 4 (Mit Garn Gebunden)  lim 200    buch        3

LICHT-UNG          Zeitschrift - 5 (Im Bild Zusammengehalten)           lim 36      buch        2

LICHT-UNG / AUBE           Split        lim 21      7"            67

LICHT-UNG / IBLIS            Split        lim 220    7"            3

LICHT-UNG / IRIS GARRELFS         Split        lim 100 second edition           10"          12

LICHT-UNG / JAN AG (AGATHOCLES)          Split        lim 220    10"          7

LICHT-UNG / JAZKAMER  Split        lim 290    10"          12

LICHT-UNG / POOSTEW   Split        lim 220    7"            3

LICHT-UNG / STILLUPPSTEYPA + BJNILSEN                Split        lim 276    LP           16

LIEUTNANT CARAMEL     Early Tape Works                   2CD        10

LIONEL MARCHETTI         Knud un Nom de Serpent                     CD          11

LIONEL MARCHETTI         Portrait D'un Glacier                             CD          9

LIONEL MARCHETTI         Sirrus                       CD          11

LOREN CHASSE and MICHAEL NORTHAM  The Otolith                            CD          14

LOSTHEIM            Illusion Of Progress                very nice - handnr. and lim to 49           CDr        11

LOUIS ARMSTRONG          What A Wonderful World                    CD          2

LSD MARCH        Live at the AMS     limited edition of 100 copies in black vinyl (of 200 in total)                LP           18

LUCA SIGURTÀ  La Vera Macchina D'Argento                ltd. to 150 numbered copies in pro-printed - "This is one of the best releases in the electroacoustic field that I've listened to this year..." Chain D.L.K.             CDr        8

LUNACHICKS     Luxury Problem      femal punk             LP           7

LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET  Brusnika                 7"            7

LUSTMORD          Zoetrope  lim. DigiCD            DIGICD 9

M.B.        Neuro Habitat                        CD          11

M.B.        Symphony for a Genocide     early Maurizio Bianchi!           CD          13

M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI)               Bactérie                   3"CDr     5

M.N.S.    #1 & #2 Guitar       guitar - from japan (clear vinyl                7"            make offer!

M.STABENOW with ASMUS TIETCHENS       Patienten Sind Schwerverbrecher                         CDr        9

MADAME P & THE AFEMAN            April's Fool             lim. 50     3"CDr     5

MAEROR TRI       Hypnotikum I         lim. - designed by mars wellink/vance orchestra    LP           13

MAEROR TRI       Hypnotikum II       lim.600 - designed by mars wellink/vance orchestra             LP           13

MAGALY SOLIER                Warmi                    DIGICD 12

MAGMA FUCK BY DUPLIVER          S/T         digital kranky limited and numbered 6/15            CDr        5

MAN IS THE BASTARD: BASTARD NOISE     Selected Pathways To Undisclosed Planets                           CD          11

MARC BEHRENS Lecture Feedback    ungespielt aber gestossene kanten         LP           7

MARGARITA / GRABBA GRABBA TAPE        Tirando Bombitas!  clear vinyl edition   LP           10

MARITA SCHRECK            Anti Sound                            CD          9

MARTIN HEIDEGGER        Von der Sache des Denkens  4fach kassettenbox (362 minuten!)        4xtape     22

MASONNA            Inner Mind Mystique             incl bonustrack       CD          10

MASONNA            Inner Mind Mystique             lim 500 - very special!              3x7"         21

MASONNA            Super Compact Disc              one copy left           CD          15

MATSON JONES  a four song ep         schlagzeug chello und gesang, wunderbar!             CD          4

MATT SHOEMAKER           Erosion of the analogous eye handmade cover!    CD          11

MAURIZIO BIANCHI          Dead Colours                         CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI          M. I. Nheem Alysm                                CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI          Menstruum Regles                  CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI          The Selfportrait of M.B.                        CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI (M.B.) / LAND USE       Psychoneurose                        CD          13

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B. & ATRAX MORGUE         M. Plus T.                               CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B. & MAOR APPELBAUM     Innervation            nice foldout oover  CDr        9

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / MAOR APPELBAUM  Electrostatic Deflection                         CD          12

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / SIEGMAR FRICKE     Stroma-Konkret                      CD          11

MAZK     Sound Pressure Level                             CD          8

MAZK (MASAMI AKITA / ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI)    In Real Time           nice!        DIGICD 13

MAZK (MASAMI AKITA / ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI)    S/T         hongkong-release    CD          14

MELANCHOHOLICS          A Single Act Of Carelessness                 CD          12

MELT BANANA    666          lim           6"            9

MELT-BANANA    initial t                    7"            7

MELT-BANANA / CHUNG quick quick slow death           lim special cover!     10"          20

MERZBOW            Anicca                    CD          9

MERZBOW            Batztoutai/Loop Panic                           2CD        16

MERZBOW            Camouflage            brasilian release!      DIGICD 13

MERZBOW            Collapse 12 Floors                  CD          13

MERZBOW            f.i.d.                        2CD        15

MERZBOW            Hard Lovin' Man    in nice packaging (lim.)          CD          15

MERZBOW            Live in Geneva                       CD          10

MERZBOW            Peace for Animals   lim 500    DIGICD 15

MERZBOW            Puroland                 DIGICD 14

MERZBOW            SCSI Duck                             CD          11

MERZBOW            枯葉/Dead Leaves  lim wooden box      DIGICD 17

MERZBOW            枯葉/Dead Leaves                 DIGICD 8

MERZBOW & THE HATERS              Untitled                  CD          9

MERZBOW / NAPALMED  Crash Of The Titans                             CD          13

MERZBOW / SHORA          Switching Rethorics                              DIGICD 10

MERZBOW / SUTCLIFFE JUGEND / SATORI               split         Limited to 1000 copies only - act fast!   CD          9

MGR (ISIS Project) Nova Lux                                LP           14

MICHAEL GENDREAU      55 Pas De La Ligne Au No3                  CD          13

MIDWINTER        Loss of Light          death metal             CD          1

MIGUEL A. RUIZ Grosor                    CD          10

MIKE OLDFIELD Earthmoving           2nd hand                LP           4

MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT    6x7 - Flugies vom Dezember 2oo5          lim 4        buch        5

MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT    AMÍ - NEUE FLUGIES VOM JANUAR 2OO6   lim 4        buch        5

MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT    Hebe Versprechen - Ein Flugie Vom Beginnenden Sommer 2oo6        lim 12      buch        4

MNEM    Golyma   the very first MNEM-LP, analogue tape-machine drone-storms at its best! lim+nr 275 copies!            LP           11

MNORTHAM        Go           lim           3"CD      5

MODULATION & TRANSFORMATION 3       Modulation & Transformation 3           jim o'rourke - thomas köner....               2CD        10

MOLJEBKA PVLSE               Lodelvx   lim 300    7"            7

MOLTEN SALT BREEDER REACTOR (MSBR)                Ultimateambience2                                CD          13

MOMUS Circus Maximus                      CD          5

MOMUS Stars forever                           2CD        6

MONO   T-9                          CDr        11

MONOTEKKTONI               tonfalle   silkscreend cover     LP           7,5

MORTAR               From The Grave     dark drones; lim+handnum: 167           LP           11

MOTHER'S PRIDE / THE OFFBEATLES           split                         7"            1

MOZART               Symphonies                            5CD        9

MR. NATURAL     A                             LP           10

MR. NATURAL     Chicken Pox Prospects                          7"            5

MR. NATURAL     D                            tape         4

MR. NATURAL     I Cooked Your Eggs                               CD          8

MR. NATURAL / JAZKAMER            Japan Tour 2005                    7"            5

MSBR     Destructive Locomotion                        CD          13

MSBR     Structured Suicide                  CDr        11

MSBR & BLAZEN Y SHARP                Mass For Dead Insects                           CD          11

MURMER              In their homes and in their heads         US/UK/FR; captivating field recording compositions and a crazy handmade cover!          7"                7

MURMER              They Were Dreaming They Were Stones                             CD          9

MURMER              We Share a Shadow                               CD          14

MYNA    Kreislicht                                CDr        7

MYNA    Schauspiel Des Lebens           very thick booklet with lots of photos   CDr        7

MYSTIC FUGU ORCHESTRA            Zohar                      CD          10

N|A        Neu|Anfang           fine package            CD          13

NACHTSTROM    17 Songs after Midnight        2nd Hand               LP           3

NADJA   Desire In Uneasiness              with live drummer for the first time!     DIGICD 13

NADJA   Ruins of Morning   experience the avantgardish drone-metal duo at their most dark & beautiful; 500 copies on GOLDen vinyl, fantastic artwork by Marcin Lojek ( One very long track spread on two sides / parts, playtime 40+ minutes !! This is also the very first 10" vinyl from NADJA, be quick if interested, we expect this to sell out very fast!! [label info]      10"          12

NADJA / ATAVIST / SATORI            Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel sleeve.    CD          10

NADJA / BLACK BONED ANGEL                    limited edition, with etchings on one side            LP           13

NADJA / OVO      The Life and Death of WASP               Over the last few dogs days of summer 2008, Italy’s OvO and Canada’s Nadja, got together in their adoptive city of Berlin at Einstürzende Neubauten’s andereBaustelle Studio. With engineer Boris Wilsdorf at the board, each duo began two songs and had the other duo finish them, Bruno and Stefania adding heavy, pounding rhythms and harsh, eerie vocals to Aidan and Leah’s ambient textures and bass-heavy drones.          LP           12

NADJA / TROUM                Dominium Visurgis fold-out digipac       DIGICD 13

NAKED ON THE VAGUE   The blood pressure sessions                   DIGICD 9

NAOAKI MIYAMOTO - 宮本尚          Live At 2oooov                       7"            7

NAT EVANS          Post Modern Sound Images    ltd. to 100 numbered copies in cardboard sleeve - "His debut album is a beautiful collection of strung-freely surreal electronic compositions that takes a dark edge at times but hopefully conveys a real spiritual sensibility to the listener." (labelinfo)    CDr        8

NEGATIVE MALE CHILD  Little Brother                         CD          2

NEKRAINA           Апокалiцтва                          CDr        4

NELS CLINE & DEVIN SARNO        Buried On Bunker Hill                          CD          9

NEUROSIS            Through Silver In Blood        original tape!           tape         3

NEVER ENOUGH / SOLID GROUND             split #11  Maryland’s never enough kick it off with two tracks of raging hardcore while switzerland’s solid ground end it with three tracks of tough NY ( judge ) inspired hardcore.            7"            1

NEW WAVER       Neuters                   DIGICD 9

NIKITA GOLYSHEV            Solaris                     CD          9

NIMAI    Fallen From A Star                 CD          2

NIMH     Subterranean Thoughts                         CD          9

NISI PERIOD        Soon The Love Balloon Will Pop                          LP           12

NO          S/T         sehr sehr feine geraeusche      LP           11

NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT   Enter To The Realm Of Satan                              CD          9

NO XIVIC             S/T                         7"            7

NOAH STONE      dress        pj harvey cover! coloured vinyl!              7"            3,5

NOISE DREAMS MACHINA              In / Out  lim 300 col vinyl     7"            7

NOISE MAKER'S FIVE         Zona Incerta           coloured vinyl - lim. 5oo         10"          12

NOISE RAMONES                                               DIGICDr               9

NORA KEYES       Songs to cry by for the golden age of nothing                      DIGICDr               9

NORA und MILAN SANDBLEISTIFT                Das Geschichtenbuch der Sandbleistifts               lim 4        buch        5

NORINORI のりノリ大輔 Phrères Simplites                    CDr        11

NOW IN DARKNESS WORLD STOPS TURNING          World Stops Turning - Tie Dye              very nice in lim. and num. edition of 6o               CDr                8

NP VS THIRDORGAN         Ver.2       lim 100    CDr        10

NTL (NON TOXIQUELOST)               Terre Etagent          lim 3oo very nicehandmade   LP           13

NULLKOMMAJOSEFH        Infidel!    lim 150    CDr        8

ODRADEK            Nr.4        including asmus tiechens       CDr+mag.               7

OMEGA MASSIF   Geisterstadt / Kalt  "Epic and superior intrumental metal/doom!" label info)     2DIGICD               16

OMEGA MASSIF / MOUNT LOGAN                split         col. icy vinyl! - Summit of the two German masters of instrumental post metal/post rock from North of Bavaria. The former SWITCHBLADE worshippers MOUNT LOGAN surprise with their turn towards weird Albini-esque noise rock deconstructions, occasionally even with vocals added. OMEGA MASSIF, as you would expect from them, once again create a dard, moody and opulent soundscape with heavy crushing guitars and irresistible killer grooves. LP           11

OMEGA MASSIF / MOUNT LOGAN                split         Summit of the two German masters of instrumental post metal/post rock from North of Bavaria. The former SWITCHBLADE worshippers MOUNT LOGAN surprise with their turn towards weird Albini-esque noise rock deconstructions, occasionally even with vocals added. OMEGA MASSIF, as you would expect from them, once again create a dard, moody and opulent soundscape with heavy crushing guitars and irresistible killer grooves.      CD          10

ONOMATOPOEIA               irrelevant The cover of each copy features a different national flag. Hand-numbered edition of 300.                LP           9

OPION SOMNIUM               As They Fly Into Darkness...                 7"            7

ORIGAMI ARKTIKA            at snippen                              7"            3,5

ORION   S/T         nice little 3"            3"CDr     4

ORION   S/T         lim and handnr. 83/107        CDr        6

ORO!ORO!            Prarastos Ziemos     The pioneer of Lithuanian post industrial and the composer of Girnu Giesmes continues his experiments with sonic impact on human mood.        CD          11

ORPHX  The living tissue      Very experimental work by the Canadian project, Lim. 500                2LP         14

OSH        The sweet Sound of Greed     death metal             CD          1

OUTERMOST / KLANGPHOBIE       split         japanese-german noise            tape         4

OVERDOSE KUNST            Was ist Overdose Kunst         ltd. 250, "schizopoetry" from japanese duo            3"CDr     6

OVRO    Horizontal / Vertical              intense subconscious landscapes  & surrealistic schizophrenia-drones by this female Finish artist     7"            7

P.J. HARVEY         Is this Desire?         2nd hand                CD          7

P.ROJECT N.ON C.ONFORM            S/T         lim 33      anticd      4

PANGOLI ORCHESTRA'    O             Art&free-rock structures with a somewhat strange approach to melody. lim 100                CDr        8

PASSIFLORA         Qualcosa Dovrebbe Cambiare               PASSIFLORA were an Italian group dedited to new wave and alternative rock with a female voice. The cover of the album was designed by now-acclaimed artist Massimo Bertolini and is made by a folded cardoard insrted in a etched plastic wallet.    LP                9

PBK         Life-Sense Revoked More excellent abstracted sound sculptures from this amazing artist, including some collaborative pieces with Jarboe, Hands To, AMK, and Brian Ladd.           CD          9

PBK / HANDS TO / AMK   System-Music-End                   CD          10

PBK / TELEPHERIQUE       Noise-Ambient Connection                  CD          9

PECHSAFTHA      Dick In Frisko                        CD          12

PECHSAFTHA      don quichotte vs pete townsend            lim 300    LP           12

PEGLEGASUS       Bacon Lettuce & Tornado                     CD          2

PENETRALIA        Seelenkrank            death metal             CD          1

Peter Duimelinks / Roel Meelkop / Ralf Wehowsky           Verklärte Tage                        DIGICD 9

PETER WRIGHT  Air Guitar               New Zealand / U.K.; obscure & lovely guitar explorations   7"            7

PGR        A Hole Of Unknown Depth                 CD          8

PHILIP GLASS      Koyaanisqatsi          recommended         CD          10

PHOLDE                An Instance Of This              lim. + num. 200 copies           CDr        10

PHROQ  Collapse                  CD          10

PIANO CIRCUS   Kevin Volans: Kneeling Dance / David Lang: Face So Pale / Steve Reich: Four Organs / Robert Moran: Three Dances                2nd Hand       CD          6

PITBULL DAYCARE            Six Six Sex               hardcore,industrial CD          2

PIUME E SANGUE               Abbandono della patria nipponica        This time it is Japan to be the inspirational departing point for the duo’s keyboards and guitar sketches. lim 100          CDr        8

PIUME E SANGUE / DUO PORTUGAL           Nel ventre della balena           PIUME E SANGUE disguised as DUO PORTUGAL in two long tracks of bizzare interpretation of contemporary music.      CD          9

POOSTEW             $Truggl  grind       LP           9

POOSTEW VS JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE           Split                        CD          7

POP         Record/Evolving    supercool!               7"            5

POSTER CHILDREN           Junior Citizen         second hand           CD          1

POTATO FRITZ     Baumwolllitze         Full album by this legendary longtime underground-band from Hamburg, having developped from crude Noise-Rock to modern Indie-Rock. Almost sounding like the "missing link" between DINOSAUR jr. and SONIC YOUTH, but with german lyrics...    CD          5

POTATO FRITZ     Baumwolllitze         Full album by this legendary longtime underground-band from Hamburg, having developped from crude Noise-Rock to modern Indie-Rock. Almost sounding like the "missing link" between DINOSAUR jr. and SONIC YOUTH, but with german lyrics...    LP           5

PRAGA KHAN      Twenty First Century Skin    elektro industrial    CD          2

PRURIENT            Cocaine Death                       DIGICD 13

PRURIENT            Shipwrecker's Diary                               CD          10

PRURIENT            The Black Post Society                           CD          11

PRURIENT            Troubled Sleep                       CD          14

PRURIENT / GRUNT          split c40                  tape         10

PRURIENT / KITES             The Hidden Family / +White+                             LP           14

PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES           Pharoahs of the Far Out                        LP           2

PSYCLONES / SCHLAFENGARTEN                Imprompto             1987 original LP!    LP           10

PUNK - A TRIBUTE PERFORMED BY STUDIO 99          S/T                         CD          2

R.H.Y. YAU           Contiguous                            CD          12

R.H.Y. YAU           The Hidden Tongue                              CD          10

R.H.Y. YAU / GERRITT      Two Sides Of California        handmade and written RRR cover        lp             12

RADIOSHOCK     S/T         in bag      7"            5

RADIOSONDE     Meter Sickness                       CD          10

RAFAEL FLORES Nubes, Cometas, Rumores Y Orugas                     CD          10

RAFFAELE SERRA               Theta Experience                   CDr        8

RAIONBASHI       Chloral Works I & Ii                             LP           12

Ralf Wehowsky / Lionel Marchetti      Vier Vorspiele                         DIGICD 9

REALICIDE Ready To Fight lp            How can i take back what was stolen from me     "contemporary hardcore"       lp             11

REFLECTION       The Morerroronus World      japanese electronic music       DIGICD 1

REUTOFF              Teutraum Iv                            7"            7

REYNOLS              1o.Ooo Chickens' Symhony                  7"            7

REYNOLS              1o.Ooo Chickens' Symhony  2nd Edition            7"            6

RICHARD RAMIREZ / GOVERNMENT ALPHA            Sol Suave                CDr        11

RLW       Contours Imaginaires             lim 500 col vinyl     10"          12

RLW       Pullover   incl. Jim O'Rourke, Rudolf Ebner, Scott Foust, K2, Franscico Lopez, Jerome Noetinger, Christian Renou….  CD          12

ROBOCHANMAN               Strugglediver                           CD          13

ROCK OUT           Soundcheck            Swedish avantgarde-free-jazz-noise duo with a real unique concept: it's a drummer and a guy scratching on a turntable! truly challenging!    DIGICD 5

ROLAND               Mülheim 1-7           handnr.   CDr        9

RUDOLF EB.ER AND OUTANDIN ARTAUD Psycho-Physikal Research Presents 11.9.01                           CDr        11

RULLA AND MONTAGE    Split Series #03       lim. split cd by finish+japanese              CD          14

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK Dein Mund So Rot...             once opened           CD          7

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK Dein Mund So Rot...                             CD          12

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK Psycho-Physical Tests And Trainings                     CD          15

S. ISABELLA         Pleroma   with stabat mors, k2, msbr, governemt alpha…     CD          11

SABLE MOUVANT              Bridge That Leads Nowhere                  CD          9

SACHER PELZ (Maurizio Bianchi)       In hoc Urbia Miazi                 CD          10

SCHLOSS TEGAL                Black Static Transmission      soldout at cold spring             CD          11

SCHLOSS TEGAL / GEHIRN. IMPLOSION (G.I.)           Birth: Beginning and ending of all worlds            limited to 99 handnr. copies!                7"                9

SCHNÄBI GAGGI PISSI GAGGI        S/T                         LP           14

SCHNEIDER TM  Zoomer                   LP           11

SCOTT ARFORD / RANDY H.Y. YAU              Edit For Unconsciousness                     CD          11

SCOTT ARFORD / RANDY H.Y. YAU / MICHAEL NINE            7hz                          CD          11

SEIICHI YAMAMOTO - 山本精一      NOA       BOREDOMS guitarist!           CD          15

SERAPHIM            hope        death metal             CD          1

SERENE FALL      Oh My Prophet  Oh My Liar 2nd hand                CD          6

SHADOWBREED Shadowbreed                          7"            5

SHIFTS   Vertonen 10           lim 60      CDr        8

SHIT AND SHINE                Toilet Door Tits / The Biggest Cock In Christendom         lim 300    LP           15

SHRINE Distorted Legends, Pt.1          lim 300    7"            7

SHRINKWRAP     Upon The Fruited Plains                       7"            3

SICK TOUR & HINYOUKI Asian Ts  lim 60      CDr        8

SICKNESS             Fuck Your Punk Rock                            picLP       15

SICKNESS             I Have Become The Diseas That Made Me                            CD          9

SINGING SADIE  Songs for swingers!                 DIGICD 9

SION ORGON      The Zsigmondy Experience                    CD          10

SIXTUS V / MSBR                Split        lim 100    CDr        11

SKAOS & FATTY BUSTER BLOODVEESEL     live in Berlin                           7"            1

SKITLIV Amfetamin             Exclusive release from the Doom / Noise project of Maniac (ex-MAYHEM), featuring Kvarforth (SHINING), and with special guest vocals by Attila (SUNN O))), MAYHEM). From Black Metal through Funeral Doom and Demonic Noise, Skitliv cover all the bases in modern extreme sonics. The CD version includes bonus tracks from Skitliv's live performance at the Camden Underworld, London, 13th December 2007, with a special intro from CURRENT 93 (Tibet & Liles).            CD          10

SKITLIV / CURRENT 93    Bloodletting            lim pic 10"!             pic10"      12

SLEEP CHAMBER                Sonorous invokations ov brian jones                    10"          8

SLOTH   Musikzimmer LP     silkscreend handcoloured/stamped cover!             LP           13

SMEGMA               Pigs for Lepers                        CD          9

SMELL & QUIM   Your Anamy's Balls 2nd hand                CD          6

SMELL & QUIM   Your Anamy's Balls                 CD          12

SNAP HER             Queen Bitch Of Rock & Roll                punk       CD          2

SOLEIKRAAST     Choresonic Preludes To A Dark Cycle                  7"            7

SOMBER SERENITY / GONE SADNESS          split         lim + handnr. to 500              7"            10

SOME ASIAN FEMALES BODYBUILDERS      Natalia Kim            lim 60      CDr        8

SONIC YOUTH    Dirty                       CD          8

SONIC YOUTH    Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star                             CD          8

SONIC YOUTH    Sister                       CD          8

SOUTH SATURN DELTA (MASO YAMAZAKI, HIROSHI HASEGAWA, NOBUKO EMI)          experience the concreteness   masonna and C.C.C.C. project     CD          13

SPACE MACHINE               3              lim 500 col vinyl     2LP         27

SPACECRAFT - CHRIS BLAZEN - DIANE TIMMONS - JOHN ROSE - TONY GERBER              Spacecraft               one copy left           CD          7

SPASTIC COLON & BASTARD NOISE            Split        fein verpackt!          CD          12

SPECULUM FIGHT             Highball                  CD          8

SPIRAL   The Digital Vapor Glitch-Noise Fusion According to Spiral Spiral is the rascal side of Andrea Marutti, aka Amon and Never Known. The album title says it all; lim 100            CDr        8

SPIRAL   Une Spiral De Violence         lim. 50 num. copies, file under: dada / audio vérité              CDr        8

ST37 / VOCOKESH             Split: Derobe/Untitled                          LP           12

STABAT MORS     Ich Bin So Wild Nach Deinem Erdbeermund                      7"            7

STEFAN ROIGK   UP.RISING            ONE-SIDED, edition of 130 numbered copies     LP           11

STEPHAN FROLEYKS         Über Ihnen Flogen Spatzen                   CD          10

STEVE BRAND & JONATHAN BENHAM        One Hour As The One Who Watches  lim + num 150        CDr        10

STILLSTAND        Kreuzung lim 100    CDr        8

STILLSTAND        Peace       lim 122    CDr        8

STILLUPPSTEYPA                Reduce By Reducing                              CD          10

STILLUPPSTEYPA                the immediate past of no interest to us                 CD          11

STYLUS  Pedwar                    CD          10

SU KO RA             Saturday-Night Dance Date   from japan - early self abuse tape release                tape         5

SUBKUTAN          S/T         punk       10"          7

SUBVASION         Lost At Funfair       Coloured vinyl, lim 250! Guts Pie Earshot Projekt               LP           11

SUDDEN INFANT AND GUILTY CONNECTOR           Split                        7"            5

SUNBURNED CIRCLE       the blaze game                        DIGICD 13

SUPER NOISE CAMP          S/T         including a book     CDr+book              7

SUPERCONDUCTOR         Hit Songs For Girls                CD          2

SUPERDOME 80   S/T                         CDr        5

SUPHINA'S LITTLE BEASTS              Suphina's Little Beasts                           CDr        5

SUSUMO YOKOTA              Magic Thread          2nd hand - "extraordinary... simple yet tremendous" - wire   2LP         7

SUTCLIFF JUGEND            First official live action ever!                  CD          9

SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND          Pigdaddy                 CD          10

SVYATOSLAV LUNYOV     Para Pacem Para Bellum                         CD          7

SWEDEN               Same Diff                               DIGICDr               9

SYSTEM OF PAIN                                7"            1

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA              Cotidie Morimur                    7"            7

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA              Fabula Rasa             Warning : ADULTS ONLY ! CD          9

TANGERINE DREAM SYNDICATE  III Violins For III Stooges      lim 500, Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants) project     CD          17

TARKATAK           Skärva                     7"            7

TBC        Antisystem                             CDr        7

TBC        Stendal 1.2 Cancelled            lim 100    CDr        7

TBC & GUY          Lieder Ueber Pflanzen Und Bäume                       CDr        7

TBC / LICHT-UNG              Schreinewolkenenergie / 6                    tape         4

TELEPHERIQUE  Hörspiele                CDr        9

TELEPHERIQUE  Musique Montage   lim + num 200        CDr        10

TELEPHERIQUE + MAURIZIO BIANCHI        Zehn Tage (Touka)                 CDr        9

TELEPHERIQUE + ULTRA MILKMAIDS         A-C Symbiose                         CDr        9

TELEPHERIQUE AND MAËROR TRI [...]         Simulationswelten  special cover and deep blue vinyl           7"            7

TERRORISM         Atrocities Of Reality                              7"            3

TFTT (TECHNIQUE FABRIQUÉE TROP TARD)             Un Oeil Autre Part handnr.   CD          11

THE A10                Burnin' Chrome                     LP           1

THE DASS SÄGEBETT        Du bist ein Pulver   experimental rock   LP           7

THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES               Best Of                   7"            4

THE DUVALS       beauty     coloured vinyl         LP           5

THE FIELDS OF HAY          Songs For Nine Ladies                           CD          10

THE HATERS        death-defying sickness                            CD          8

The Haters - Gehirn.Implosion              …and in the end a beautiful memory remains       lim + col., 199 copies              7"            13

THE HATERS / MR. NATURAL / BASSIFONDI ORCHESTRA    3 Way Split                            CD          6

THE INFANT CYCLE          Playout    lim 250. The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994.                CDr        7

THE LITHIUM PROJECT    Lithium Project      A great, but little known, release from the Lithium Project on the dearly departed Clear label (though this album be later be re-released on Hydrogen Dukebox with a slightly different track list). The static that heralds the opening track, “Passo Fundo (Re-Collective)” quickly gives way to a jazzed-out drum ‘n’ bass tune that’s immediately catchy and finger-snapping good. “Earthy Egos” and “Mars Plastic” are much more spacy, sounding as if they could be on Good Looking Records, while “Passo Fundo (Reconstructed by 3rd Eye)” is set to a nice house beat. “Moments in Neon” mixes the more outer space drum ‘n’ bass of the earlier tracks with flourishes of Latin jazz. The final take on “Passo Fundo” (the Mucho Gusto Samba) recasts the track as a downtempo, rhythm-based piece, stripping most of the percussion for a much more spare sound. A fine debut.    CD                4

THE LOUNGECORE POETS              Such Suite Music                    CD          2

THE LOVELESS    Star|Rover              lim 3oo; red vinyl    LP           12

THE MACHINE GUN TV    Cue                         7"            5

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / THE HATERS      Zero is the Journey                 CD          10

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / THURSTON MOORE / JIM O'ROURKE         The Voloptulist                      CD          9

THE PIG MUST DIE             Ich Heisse Richie    punk       MaxiCD  0,5

THE RUINS           Magaibutsu             nr.22!      vhs video 13

THE SEVEN ARTS               Loud Music To Be Played Quietly          lim + num 50 copies               CDr        7

THE SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS    Nkick your ass                        LP           2

THE TOBACCONISTS        luxury      struppig tanzen release nr 1! (first edition lim. 14)                tape         4

THE VIOLET GRIND          Flying Fox               from japan              CDr        10

THE VIOLET GRIND AND DARUIN               Split                        CDr        10

THE WRETCHED ONES    s/t                           LP           6

THEY, THEMSELVES OR THEY        they, themselves or they         the 2nd release on the already esteemed Malt Duck label. Entitled Them, Themselves or They, this is a crucial swab of cracked weirdo experimentalism with stunning rich undertones [siltblog]          7"+CDr   3

THIGHPAULSANDRA        Chamber Music                      DIGICD 10

THIGHPAULSANDRA        Chamber Music      very nice "scratchy" picture disc!            picLP       10

THIRDORGAN     Bionic Ambivalent Music                       CDr        11

THIRDORGAN     Pentium Vs Athlon                lim 200    CDr        10

THIRDORGAN / HERMIT COLLABORATION              Collaboration                         CD          12

THIS WINDOW   Extraction 2            ee tapes lim handnr!               tape         4

THISQUITEARMY               blackhaunter                          DIGICD 9

THOMAS ANKERSMIT / JIM O'ROURKE        Split        lim edition              LP           14

THOMAS DIMUZIO             Sonicism                 2CD        14

THO-SO-AA           Dying Reveal                          7"            7

THURSTON MOORE          Please Just Leave Me                              CD          12

THURSTON MOORE          Voice Studies          lim. to 100 handnr. copies     Tape        19

TIDAL / CHAOS AS SHELTER / IGOR KRUTOGOLOV              Ingathering Of Exiles                             CD          9

TIM CATLIN         Radio Ghosts          im schuber              CD          14

TÔLE ACHE         S/T         (lim 9o), analog industrial für extrem..   CDr        7

Tore Honoré Bøe    Knekk                     7"            3

TORE HONORÉ BØE          Zenography [Opus For Unprepared Piano]            release by lasse marhaug         CD          7

TOTALE ETHAH MATRIX (STABAT MORS PROJECT)  Irreal                       CDr        11

TOTHAMON         Vormaerz death metal             CDr        1

TOTSTELLEN       Working Wreck Wrecking Work          lim 76      CDr        6

TOXIC LIPSTICK Poopin                    DIGICD 9

TOXIC LIPSTICK Prisoner of hormones                            DIGICD 9

TOY BIZARRE       Kdi Dctb 122                         CDr        5

TRANCE               Guitar Noise           lim/handnr            7"            6

TROUM AIWS      9 tracks of deep yearning, melancholy and transcension. Great digipack-artwork by Alan Mc Clelland.           DIGICD 13

TROUM Ajin         lim 500    picLP       14

TROUM Complete Tjukurrpa - Trilogy triology with troum button!   3CD        29

TROUM Dreaming Muzak                    CDr        9

TROUM Ryna       Troum's first album from 1998              DIGICD 13

TROUM Symballein                              DIGICD 13

TROUM Symbiosis                very nice package    3"CD      8

TROUM & MARTYN BATES              To a Child, Dancing in the Wind         MARTYN BATES has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.YEATS, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for TROUMS very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures.                DIGICD 13

TSCHELJABINSK65             Titan Woods/Ancient Forest                lim 200    CDr        8

TWO DEAD BODIES           reflect      "Two Dead Bodies is an extreme-tribal-noise project that involves Luca Mauri and Andrea Reali, both originating from the hinterland of Milan, Italy." Labelinfo" - ltd. to 133 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve          CDr        8

ÜL          III            Anla Courtis + 2 electric guitars!           CDr        8

ULTRA MILKMAIDS           Jain Umpoulet                        7"            7

ULTRA MILKMAIDS           Live         lim 300    MCD      8

ULTRA UNITED  Ultra Audience       with many photos  DIGICD 11

ULTRASOUND    Death Comes From The Left                7"            7

ULVER   Perdition City                        CD          13

ULVER   Silencing The Singing            lim           MCD      13

ULVER   Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell                      2CD        18

UR          Triadic Memories    ltd. to 133 copies in pro-printed cardboard sleeve CDr        8

V.A.        1000 Lock Grooves                incl. Incapacitants, Fransisco Lopez, Prurient, RLW, Sudden Infant, Otomo Yoshihide, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Lasse Marhaug, GX Jupitter Larsen and many more.            LP           14

V.A.        2x5"         allie aube killer zbigniew karkowski merzbow licht-ung (lim 5oo)         5"+CDr   12

V.A.        3A4NCTKA           CON-DOM, THE GREY WOLVES, DEUTSCH NEPAL….The release dedicated to the second festival of industrial music which took place in Vilnius on 7 May   CD          11

V.A.        Adventures In Modern Electronics        aube, msbr, kazumoto endo,.. CD          16

V.A.        All Ears  It is the product of a unique collaboration between the producer Fargfabriken, the curators Leif Elggren, Ulf Stenberg and Kent Tankred, and twelve artists from different parts of the world (Germany, Britain, Japan USA, France, South Africa, Estonia, Greenland and Italy) who all have a special interest in sound as object.    CD          5

V.A.        America Salutes Merzbow       the haters - speculum fight - chop shop - con-dom..              CD          11

V.A.        An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Sixth A-Chronology 1957-2010 incl z'ev, stephen o'malley, incapacitants, daniel menche, hijokaidan john duncan and many more 2DIGICD               17

V.A.        Between Rains And Drought ukrainian underground sampler 1991-2001           CDr        3

V.A.        Bite It      lim           pic10"      10

V.A.        Bite It! 2006           lim. in special-oversized cover LP           12

V.A.        California                               10xLP      75

V.A.        Coalescence            aube masonna kazumoto endo merzbow               CD          14

V.A.        Collapse  including mz.412, ultra united, ex.order and more               CD          10

V.A.        Concerti Per Pianoforte         mozart haydn schumann liszt 3CD        7

V.A.        CrO2: a tribute to analog       nice compilation, including an AUBE track using tape as source         CD          10

V.A.        Dead Tech 3           New Music from Japan, incl. RUINS, ZENI GEVA, SPACE STREAKINGS….  CD          9

V.A.        Dedicatin Part II     aube, small cruel party, hijokaidany       CD          11

V.A.        Discotheque Bruitisme           groenland orchester tbc reznicek and many more CD          6

V.A.        DRONE RECORDS - A Selection of Drones Past: Singles 1993-2000                               2DIGI CD              14

V.A.        DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 1           "The NEW LP-series from Drone Records, dedicated to the Drones of the World, and the Drones of our Minds. Each LP features four artists from the international drone-scene and is limited to 500 copies, pressed on four different vinyl-colours. Volume 1: UBEBOET (Spain), HALO MANASH (Finland), B°TONG (Suisse), JARL (Sweden). Stunning artwork paintings by British artist PETE GREENING, design by NINA KERNICKE (ALL SIDES)" (Labelinfo) LP           15

V.A.        Entartete Musik      mit dem heft, lim 10.000!      CD          3

V.A.        Erntezeit tosom label sampler mit emerge/kadef/baradelan/tscheljabinsk65      CDr        8

V.A.        Escaping from Color              Rapoon recomposed & remixed by AIDAN BAKER; TROUM; CISFINITUM MACHINEFABRIEK and many more, in nice cover           DIGICD 12

V.A.        Hau Ruck               tesco - including reutoff and many others             CD          10

V.A.        Herbert Mullin (Lasse Marhaug) Deep And More                 7"            5

V.A.        Himmel Hast Du Keine Flinte               ea8o u.a.  CD          9

V.A.        Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled   one copy left           CD gatefold            11

V.A.        Incendium - Loki Label Comp               inade herbst9 bad sector land:fire ex.order....        CD          5

V.A.        Inflation merzbow, z.karkowski,k.asano,/0, aube, m.behrens, b.gunter              2CD        19

V.A.        inhaltsverzeichnis/schuld ist warendorf                German Minimal/Synth/D.I.Y Fanzine + tape, including Din-A-Testbild, EA80, Klotzs, and finally one track by Milan Sandbleistift. Artworks by Nora Sandbleistift. (lim. to 150 handnumbered copies)  tape         3,5

V.A.        Japanese/American Noise Treaty           masonna, daniel menche, merzbow, aube, msbr..  2DIGI CD              17

V.A.        Japanoise of Death II             Great! Including: Aube, Hijoukaidan, Incapacitants, Kazumoto Endo, Astro, Kkull, Guilty Connector and more!                CD          12

V.A.        Journey into Pain   super-compilation including: New Blockaders/Organum, PGR, P16.D4, The Haters, Asmus Tietchens, Hijokaidan, The Boredoms, Hanatarash, John Duncan, The Gerogerigegege, Masonna, Incapacitants, Muslimgauze and many more!      4tape       24

V.A.        Jujikan 十時間: 10 Hours Of Sound From Japan incl masonna          2CD        17

V.A.        Just About Now      incl fransisco lopez..               DIGICD 10

V.A.        Kid606 And Friends               incl aube CD          14

V.A.        Killed by Trash       sampler with early punk covers, including EA80   CDr        13

V.A.        Killed by Trash       sampler with early punk covers, including EA80   LP           14

V.A.        Killed by Trash Vol. 2            sampler with early punk covers, including KILLERLADY   LP           13

V.A.        kokekomp               Phroq, Kouhei Matsunaga, Makoto Kawabata...Mastered by Eric Cordier           CD          9

V.A.        Kuenstler Zum 9. Wgt            allerseelen tenhi die schinder.....           DIGICD 9

V.A.        Kurkonzerte Sampler              sehr schoen verpackt im handgenaehten beutelchen, mit Devil in Miss Jones, Klotzs, Van Hellsing, Duesenjaeger, Oiro und tausend weiteren    2CD        14

V.A.        Land Of The Rising Noise Vol. 2                          CD          14

V.A.        Leben Lachen Kämpfen        punksampler heimatglück, einleben....  CD          6

V.A.        Lost Highway         OST, 2nd Hand      CD          3

V.A.        Macska Leves          Dave Phillips, Bastard Noise, Sudden Infant, Jalopaz and many more CD          9

V.A.        Mailorder Is Fun     punk/ska                CD          2

V.A.        Märchen vom Durchbrennen                Ein Text - 17x gelesen, gesungen, interpretiert, u.a. von Projekt Schlachteessen, Tischlerei Lischitzki, Gehirn.Implosion   CDr        6

V.A.        Maschinentrauma   serene fall, fliehende stürme, die strafe, verbrannte erde..    CD          7

V.A.        Michigan incl. Aaron Dilloway, Wolf Eyes, Princess Dragon-Mom - 6LP Box!!    6xLP        36

V.A.        Muzyka Voln          lim 500 russian sampler, incl. Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Hum…   DIGICD 10

V.A.        Noise Battle Royale                lim 300; incl msbr sickness +2               CDr        10

V.A.        Noise Reduction     plotkin delphium masonna....                CD          16

V.A.        Not Able To Organize            including rectal surgery, axon neuron.. lim. 399   2x10"       14

V.A.        one word one sound              incl. Merbow, Alexander Hacke, Peter Rehberg, Kid 606 and many more           CD          7

V.A.        Orbital Confluence-Benefit 2000          incl aube CD          16

V.A.        Oscotarach             4waysplit in de-lux 2lp: vollmer, hidden technology, spherical disrupted, skalpell, lim        2LP         16

V.A.        Paraphilia                including lasse marhaug         CD          10

V.A.        Plastic Bomb Cd Sampler #39                               CD          1

V.A.        Pure Will, Without The Confusion Of Intellect  japanese sampler     CD          7

V.A.        Radiation                stabat mors + government alpha + 12 - lim 300     CDr        10

V.A.        Release Your Mind merzbow/candiru/pica/ namanax....     CD          7

V.A.        Rise | Converge     comes as a book; incl aube     CD          17

V.A.        Rock against the rich             tupamaros, sin dios, daddy longleg, kettcar, unabomba…..   Tape        3

V.A.        Rock'n'roll - 1955-1956                          CD          5

V.A.        Romantic Oboe Concertos    Mozart, Händel, Bach und noch einige!                2CDbox  2

V.A.        Rough Trade - Music For The 90's Vol. 2              including Einstürzende Neubauten, Momus and many more               CD          1

V.A.        Rough Trade - Music For The 90's Vol. 3              including Einstürzende Neubauten, Pixies and many more  CD          1

V.A.        Roulette russe pour un peu de caviar     Hum, Cisfinitum, Bardoseneticcube….  CD          9

V.A.        Saite an Saite          string-based CD with AIDAN BAKER, relapxych.o and M. SANDBLEISTIFT; lim. 300   CD          10

V.A.        ScatterBrain JukeBox             incl. Emil Beaulieau, Prurient, EarWorm, Zipper Spy and many more DVD       12

V.A.        Six Doors                including aube/bastard noise/guilty connector and tabata...               CD          16

V.A.        Snake Is Long - A Tribute To Hanatarash             yamazaki beaulieau ranaldo..  CD          11

V.A.        So-On Meikyu - Alchemy Mysterious Sound Collection       incl aube CD          15

V.A.        Spaces                     CD          6

V.A.        Stern       Serene Fall, Carsten Vollmer, Gehirn. Implosion 7"            5

V.A.        Stupid Over You     punk       CD          2

V.A.        Swarm                     2CD        12

V.A.        The Bureaucracy Of Hope      psycho sampler? - no words - just test it!!               CD          5

V.A.        The Corners Of The Mouth  incl aube CD          14

V.A.        The Dark Side Of The Brain I               incl. first christine 23 onna track! cover by akifumi nakajima/aube    LP           18

V.A.        The End Of The Fear Of God               very much artists - merzbow o'rourke k2..              CD          14

V.A.        The Rebirth of Fool vol. 3                     CD          9

V.A.        This infernal Love of Life      phauss, karkowski….              CD          9

V.A.        Trinity     AIDAN BAKER, LEAH BUCKAREFF, NADJA; each one long track               CD          12

V.A.        Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol.666                   CD          10

V.A.        Variable Resistance: 10 Hours Of Sound From Australia                     CD          14

V.A.        Woodworking-Cricklewood Remixes                    CD          15

V.A.        World On A String                recommended!        CD+tape 12

V.A.        Ya Ji - 雅集1          Bai Tian, relapxych.0 / Anders Peterson, The Loop Orchestra, Shizi  DIGICD 9

V.A.        Zum 9. Wgt Pfingsten 2ooo   allerseelen, night in gales, samsas traum, tenhi.... DIGICD 9

V.A.        Zwischenzeit           fliehende stürme, serene fall, l.s.k., die blumen des bösen... CD          7

V.A.        ジャパノイズオフデス       incl masonna          LP           17

V.A.        生きている価値あり - A Tribute To Jojo Hiroshige           incl. Doodles - Solmania - Masonna - 沢口みき    CD          15

VAN HELLSING   Celestial Beggary                    7"            3

VANCE ORCHESTRA         at random play        handmade unique cover         CD          10

VANCE ORCHESTRA         Monstrance            last copies of this stunning 7" with unique silk-screen covers, first release on Tarkataks label & edition of 300          7"            5

VENUS PRAYER   Recherche Sur Le Secret Du Mystère                    CD          5

VERFOLGER (PROJEKT MIT TBC)    S/T         lim 300    10"          7

VERTONEN          The Ocean If Gone, The Ship Is Next                  CD          9

VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA                The Midnight Gambler                          CD          12

VOLVOX               Egg, Pluto Pup and You                         DIGICD 9

WÄLDCHENGARTEN        The Leech                              7"            7

WALDRON / STAPLETON / SIGMARSSON   The Sleeping Moustache                        CD          14

WATERMAN / KOUHEI     Move Machine With Glass                    CD          9

WHITEHOUSE     halogen CD                           CD          12

WISHMOPPER      9mm Vor Dem Abgrund                        CD          7

WOLF EYES          Human animal                       LP           13

WOLF EYES          The Driller                             LP           11

WOLF EYES / PRURIENT  The Warriors                          CD          11

WREDE Shilo Muss Brennen, Strafe Muss Sein                  CDr        5

WUMPSCUT         Totmacher              handsigned incl. remixes of notstandskom. covenant and.. 2DIGI CD              12

WWW.GEBRAUCHTMUSIK.DE/ELFENART S/T                         CDr        5

XABEC   Feuerstern               lim 300 col vinyl     7"            7

YAMAON              Musique D'Ameublement                      CD          2

YOUNG WIDOWS / MELT-BANANA              part2 in the young widows split series                   7"            8

YPPASSWDD DAEMONS    Version 0.6.2 Beta  lim           tape         2,5

YUI ONODERA    Synergetics              Japan; oceanic contemplation drones shimmering like light-reflections              7"            7

ZAK        Cai Lay   Comes in a non-standard sized 8 x 11.5 sheet that is folded into a 2 pocket folder, printed in full color.         CDr        7

ZARATHUSTRA   Dogma Antichrist   death metal             CD          1

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI   intensifier                               CD          10

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI / TETSUO FURUDATE         World As Will II                    CD          14

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI AND PETER REHBERG        Pop:Album                             LP           15

ZENI GEVA           Autofuck incl comic               7"            5

ZENRYOKU ONANIES - 全力オナニーズ        Soul Flower Pukuton-So - ソウル・フラワー・プクトン荘                             CD          15

ZEROID 2004                       LP           8

Z'EV        N.A.M.E. Gallery    in metal plates (>1 kilo!) - limited, numbered and signed!! rec. 1986!   10"          37

Z'EV/JOHN DUNCAN/AIDAN BAKER/FEAR FALLS BURNING               Untitled  lim & handnr. 600 copies      2x7"         11

ZIPPER SPY            Icki Beats                one copy left           CD          9

ZONE NORD        Roferon A              one copy left           CD          9

ZOUL & LICHT-UNG          split C60 live set recorded in june 2010. side a contains a dreamy exposure of LICHT-UNG acuminating in a percussive finale. side b hashed by ZOUL with cloudy & distorted dissonance. comes with an extra mini-booklet.      tape         4

螺旋階段 / RASEN KAIDAN              不思議なところ / Fushigi Na Tokoro pre Hijokaidan!!      CD          15